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Blog Flashbay Limited i Dasan International Network

Flashbay Limited ( today announced its support for the Dasan International Network (DIN) at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Under the terms of the agreement, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of digital storage solutions will join hands with DIN in its bid to host the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations 2009 Academic Conference (HPAIR) in the Korean capital.

Speaking at a signing ceremony in Hong Kong, Karl-Phillip Schlossstein, Flashbay’s Managing Director expressed his trust in Dasan International Network. “We at Flashbay share a belief in the motivation and resourcefulness of DIN’s leadership and we are delighted to be aligned with their efforts to out compete other bidders for the HPAIR 2009 conference. HPAIR is a world-class event, and Sungkyunkwan University with its 600 years of proud history is the right location for it.”

In his reply, Sung-won Han, President of Dasan International Network, praised the role of companies investing in socially responsible activities. “Triple bottom line leadership in today’s world is a powerful message to your customers and employees. We are grateful to Flashbay for their generous support which will greatly enhance our capabilities to win the trust of the HPAIR leadership in Cambridge, Mass. We are now on the road to the nomination to host one of the world’s premier student conferences.”

flashbay Autor: James Appleton
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